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Mari [userpic]
by Mari (dusty273)
at January 21st, 2005 (08:49 pm)

current mood: uncomfortable

Huh! Never guessed that I'd be sayin' this, but I just 'ad the most 'orrible experience of my short life. Bloody pirate ship almost made me wet my pants. Really. Don't rightly think I've ever been more scared in my life.

Mari 'n I went to the TH tonight 'n it was Carnival night. Everythin' was fine until Mari 'eard that there was a pirate ship (a ride similar to one she 'ad been on Busch Gardens, The Phoenix or somethin' like that is called). I, of course, 'ad no idea what I was gettin' myself into when I agreed. 'N it probably wouldn't 'ave been that bad if the bloody thin' didn't catch so much speed 'n moved back 'n forth 'til ya are upside down completely. It was a good thing that Mari 'ad chosen the middle row seats, makin' us face each other, so she noticed my discomfort 'n tried to calm me by focusin' completely on me. 'N the others noticed, too, so Deli made the ride slow down. Once it stopped Mari 'ugged me tight 'n I vowed to never ride on that damned thing or anythin' similar again 'n she promised to never make me, so that was my first 'n last experience in that ride.

The good thin' about the TH was that Mari 'n I spent a great time with our friends, it 'ad been a long time since we've seen most of them, so it was nice to catch up. Oh, 'n candy apples, Mari introduced me to those after the boat scare. Bloody brilliant things those! ;)


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